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Happy New Year from our team here at Federal Benefits Service! To kick off 2023, we will be hosting several Postal Benefit Seminars across the country.  

These seminars will provide educational training to federal employees, helping them to understand their federal benefits and how to avoid some of the significant problems that can arise in retirement.  

In our experience, the federal population has been grossly neglected when it comes to education and advice on their benefits.  

Our mission with these seminars is to help any federal employee gain the knowledge they need to make the right financial decisions that allow them to work and retire at the highest possible levels.  

In particular, we will be discussing: 

  • Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) breakdown of the TSP Funds. 
  • CFA analysis on economic conditions impacting the TSP Lifecycle. 
  • Discuss Part-Time Buyback and New Rules/Regulations. 
  • Discuss Tax Incentives (Traditional vs Roth TSP). 
  • Discuss FEGLI, FEHB, FLTCIP, Special Supplement, Disability. 

We are here to help organize your federal and retirement benefits to meet your financial goals. 

As for attendance details, all of our current members at FBS, you already have a guaranteed spot, so be sure to use it!  

For everyone else interested in learning about federal retirement benefits, reserve a seat as soon as possible.  

Space and capacity are limited to 50 guests. We will be catering free drinks and food to your liking. So please RSVP only if you can make it.  

 Seminar dates and times: 

 1/29/23: 5012 W 21st st, Los Angeles, CA 90016 @ 3:30 PM PST 


2/26/23: 3800 Woodland Cove Parkway , MN 55331 @ 3:30 PM CT 


03/26/23: 115 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD, 21201 @ 5:30 pm EST 


04/23/23: 300 south town circle, rollesville NC 27571 @ 3:30 PM EST 


06/11/23: 2200 Hunt Street, Detroit, MI 48207 @ 3:30 PM EST 


Want to become a member? Here is what you get when you become one: 

  • weekly updates taking place within the federal workforce 
  • in-depth online courses explaining your federal benefits  
  • tailored career and retirement analysis for every federal employee  
  • professionally recommended TSP allocations. 

If you wish to become a member and automatically reserve a seat, click here. 

Otherwise, RSVP by text: (248) 535-2130  

Free Giveaways: USPS Tote Bag and USPS Notebook 

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DUNS # 080971289 


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