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Important APWU Reminder

On April 25th, a reminder was sent out by the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), to announce that the COVID-19 Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) were extended on March 22nd, 2022 all the way through May 6th, 2022.  

On top of the MOUs, the Liberal Leave Policy and the agreement the Postal Service made would not recognize any COVID related absences during an employee’s probationary period within a probationary separation.  

When the extensions were sent out to the field, former Director Vance Zimmerman sent the following in an email to the field (emphasis added):  

Please see the attached extension of the COVID MOUs and Liberal Leave Policy through May 6th, 2022.   

Management has put the APWU on notice that from their perspective, this will be the last extension.  That being said, the APWU will continue to monitor COVID-19 for any future spreading, or any new variant.  We continue to encourage wearing your masks and all that are able to become full vaccinated including and needed boosters.  

Additionally, it should be noted Clerk Division Director Lamont Brooks secured an extension on the Bulk Mail Tech and Mailing Requirement Clerk Position MOU through May 6th, 2022 as well.   

As May 6th, 2022, draws nearer, additional information will be provided related to the MOUs as it develops. Links to the various extensions are below:   

COVID-19 MOU Extensions through May 6, 2022   

Liberal Leave Policy Extension through May 6, 2022  

Probationary Exception Language  

Bulk Mail Tech and Mailing Requirement Clerk Position Qualification 

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