NALC Updates: Career Conversions, Ballet Printing Delayed, and Customer Connect Receives Upgrades

Eight additional installations to convert CCAs to career status and directly hire career letter carriers

On August 31st, in alignment with the Memorandum of Understanding Re: City Delivery Staffing Adjustment – Hiring Part-Time Flexible City Letter Carriers (M-01986), the NALC and USPS signed an additional memorandum of agreement which provides eight extra installations that the Postal Service will convert all city carrier assistants to part-time flexible (PTF) career status. After these conversions are completed, the Postal Service intends to hire new PTF city letter carriers in these installations to reach and maintain an identified number of PTF city letter carriers on the rolls for each installation.

These agreements (M-01988 in NALC’s Materials Reference System) require the Postal Service to change all city carrier assistants who are in the identified installations to part-time flexible career status as soon as logically possible. However, this conversion must take place no later than the first day of the second full pay period following the date of the respective agreement.

While these agreements were created to improve staffing in the covered fix installations and this agreement adds eight additional locations to an all-career workforce model, all of the staffing issues across the country will not be fixed . NALC representatives intend to continue working with USPS representatives to address the widespread staffing issues that still negatively impact letter carriers and the ability to serve customers.

NALC ballot printing delayed until September 20th

A disabled printing press, Mosaic, which is the print communications company retained by the Election Committee set to prepare and mail the ballots, was set to begin printing the ballots for NALC’s national and regional elections on September 19th, as previously stated. However, the current date set for printing is September 20th and continuing until completion, components of the election mailing will be printed. At the date of this article, there is no expected delay in the mailing of the ballots.

Customer Connect has been upgraded

Back in July, city letter carriers were granted the ability to begin entering their own customer connect leads and receiving feedback on their submitted leads through the Mobile Delivery Device (MDD), while they are on street mode under option “U”.  City letter carriers now have the capability to enter their own leads and reach their individual Lead Status Report through one of the following online options when logging in using their 8-Digit Employee Identification Number (EIN).

  • City letter carriers without ACE access can enter a lead through the “Submit a Lead” hyperlink on the USPS LiteBlue website
  • Employees with ACE computer access can use the “Submit a Lead” hyperlink on the USPS main Blue page, found the “Featured Topics” tab

By allowing city letter carriers to have access to their individual Lead Status Report, carriers are allowed to trace their leads as they go through the sales process. This means they will know when and why a lead is closed, or when a lead was successfully sold and just exactly how much revenue was generated from their submitted lead.

This update is currently not a requirement for workers. Those city letter carriers who do not want to enter their own leads, they can continue to follow the current process of submitting a completed Lead Card to their supervisor, manager or postmaster for entry.

These changes are set to shorten the lead follow up processes and improve the overall customer experience.

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